Why Should Women Study Theology? — Sarah Answers

August 10, 2015

We are only free to know and search the hearts and minds of those whom we know love us and want to be with us. We need to know that we have this kind of freedom when it comes to searching, knowing, and studying our Heavenly Father. If we believe God is distant and angry — theology will be intimidating, scary, or perhaps “not worth the risk”. When I was I unsure of God’s love for me, seeking and searching Him was a terrifying thought. Once I grasped the truth found in the gospel, I was then given freedom to try and understand this beautiful God, who loved me and poured out his grace upon me. Theology then became something that I enjoyed to explore freely, instead of something (or Someone) to fear.

The truth is that God has always desired for us to know Him personally, and from creation has dealt with mankind from a place of love, drawing us to himself. From the moment He said “Let us make man in our image …” He put his imprint on our very being and by doing so, He identified Himself with us. In the beginning, God spoke with his creation and walked with them in the garden. Let that marinate for just a moment — because this is the crux moving forward: The Creator of the universe — who is not bound by time or space — who is Holy and all powerful — not only associates with His creation, but He draws near to them.

When mankind fell into sin, instead of just ditching us, God’s plan of rescue swung into full force. God comes once again to identify and walk with us in the form of Jesus, “and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us”. The incarnation and crucifixion proves that God still desires to be with and known by His creation. Therein lies our freedom to study Him: because we are in Christ, our Heavenly Father does not hold us at arm’s length. We are fully known (all of our sinfulness and depravity) and we are fully loved (all of Christ’s perfection and righteousness). Therefore, we have the freedom to search the wonders of our Creator even though we are sinners communing with the great I Am.

“That they should seek God, and perhaps feel their way toward Him and find Him. Yet He is actually not far from each one of us, for in Him we live and move and have our being …” (Acts 17:26-28)

Theology is the most practical thing that we can study because it gives us not only a clue into God himself, but because we have been formed in His own likeness, it unmasks our very being. Even just hearing that we, as women, have been created in His image gives us incredible freedom. For instance, this tells us that theology is not just for men to ponder — as if we are somehow lesser in our ability to comprehend deep things because of our anatomy — or that God somehow has a greater respect for the male species. God created man and woman as equals and has given each of us value and purpose. We have the ability to study and comprehend His attributes and with that, an equal voice to communicate biblical truths, including the gospel, to the dying world.

Much of what has held women back in church history has come from an incredible misunderstanding of who God says He is and what He says about us — and then further fueled by a male dominant societal view. Unless you study good theology, it is impossible to know when someone is handing you a truth from scripture or a bondage made by taking scripture and distorting it to fit specific agendas, and sadly, this is why so many women today don’t feel the freedom to study theology on their own. They don’t believe they should or that they are capable.

Ladies, all throughout scripture God has made it evident that He is personally acquainted with us and holds us in equal regard to our brothers in Christ. Jesus associated openly with women- especially women that society looked upon as “untouchable”. While religious men tried to hold women back from Jesus — by trying to get Him to condemn them — He blatantly went against the culture to demonstrate His love for us. You are free to weep at his feet and wipe the tears with your hair. You are free to sit and learn about Him, this good portion will not be taken from you, dear one. You, as a woman, have been fearfully and wonderfully made and He invites you to come and know Him.

We hope you find this sort of freedom in our upcoming posts and podcasts.

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