Years ago, Lauren ripped apart “The Excellent Wife” by Martha Peace in her masters thesis, while Sarah was being ripped apart by this book on the ground level in fundamentalism. In this episode, academia and lady laity meet to form a discussion from both angles.

Team Ezer kicks off season two with a hot topic. Lauren interviews Sarah on the mini book she’s writing that is coming out this year on the topic of Lust and the gospel for women. We discussed the good gift that is female sexuality including attraction, desire, orgasm, and masturbation in contrast to the way lust stems out of our sexual brokenness. Sarah takes a look at woman being transformed in Song of Songs and brings gospel hope to women who struggle with lust.

In this episode, Lauren and Sarah sit down with their Nashville friends, Marci Preheim and Cristy Tice, to talk about how the gospel affects us on the ground level. We discuss the concept of death to life; the death of dependence on our own abilities and the gospel which gives us the freedom to live as image bearers apart from facades.

In this episode, Lauren and Sarah sat down with Nate Sparks to discuss God’s Law, God’s Gospel, giving a voice to victims, and the ministry of Tullian Tchividjian in light of his recent sermon and allegations surfacing.

Episode 001 – The Reveal (Pilot)

Hello and welcome!  We are excited to share with you our first Ezer Uncaged podcast. In this podcast we introduce ourselves and reveal who we are and discuss the purpose and passion behind Ezer Uncaged.

In this and every other podcast we will talk the Gospel, Jesus, doctrine & theology, women, gender relations, and so much more.  We will discuss and answer the tough and often avoided questions regarding women, such as:

How does the Gospel — the doctrine of the justification of sinners — radically affect woman and womanhood?

What does freedom look like for her?

And how is this freedom for woman good news for man?

At the end of the day it’s the Gospel we desire to proclaim to you to bring you real, true, and ever-lasting freedom.

Pilot: The RevealIntroduction: Why Should Women Study Theology

Season 1: Who is Woman?

  • Episode 1: Woman in the Garden — Genesis 2
  • Episode 2: Woman in the Fall — Genesis 3
  • Episode 3: Woman in the OT — General OT and Proverbs 31
  • Episode 4: Woman and Jesus — Jesus’ relationship with women, Mary and Martha, Luke 10
  • Episode 5: Woman and Paul — Paul’s relationships with women/his use of house-codes, so the epistles in general
  • Episode 6: Woman in Real Life — Taking what we heard and and processing it in our lives

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