Woman in the Old Testament

Judges 19 & Proverbs 31

In Episode 5 of Season 1, Lauren and Sarah discuss woman in the Old Testament. Sarah walks through the horrifying story of a concubine in Judges 19, showcasing just how bad things have gotten for woman since the fall. Lauren addresses the Proverb 31 abuses and dispels the myths we’ve all heard, while freeing women with the gospel and rescuing the Proverbs 31 woman from the dung heap upon which evangelicalism has thrown her.

Pilot: The Reveal

Introduction: Why Should Should Women Study Theology?

Season 1: Who is Woman?

  • Episode 1: Woman in the Garden — Genesis 2
  • Episode 2: Woman in the Fall — Genesis 3
  • Episode 3: Woman in the Old Testament — Judges 19 and Proverbs 31
  • Episode 4: Woman and Jesus — Jesus’ relationships with women, Mary and Martha, Luke 10
  • Episode 5: Woman and Paul — Paul’s relationships with women/his use of house-codes, so the epistles in general
  • Episode 6: Woman in Real Life — Taking what we heard and and processing it in our lives

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