Episode 003 – Woman in the Garden

Genesis 2

Episode 3 of Season 1 is here! We will give an answer to the question “Who is woman?” from the account of creation — in the garden (Genesis 2). God creates man and states that it is not good for him to be alone. It is here that woman is created as a gift of grace to alleviate the loneliness of man. She is like him but not him. Similar, yet different. Together, God says about his creation “it is very good.”

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Pilot: The Reveal

Introduction: Why Should Should Women Study Theology?

Season 1: Who is Woman?

  • Episode 1: Woman in the Garden — Genesis 2
  • Episode 2: Woman in the Fall — Genesis 3
  • Episode 3: Woman in the Old Testament — Judges 19 and Proverbs 31
  • Episode 4: Woman and Jesus — Jesus’ relationships with women, Mary and Martha, Luke 10
  • Episode 5: Woman and Paul — Paul’s relationships with women/his use of house-codes, so the epistles in general
  • Episode 6: Woman in Real Life — Taking what we heard and and processing it in our lives

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