Aaaaand…we’re back!

In this episode, Lauren and Sarah kick off season three catching up with what they’ve been up to during the show’s brief hiatus. The girls reminisce about Lauren’s ordination and Sarah’s excellent kite flying skills, then hop into a discussion about where Ezer is headed next: female sexuality and the current sexual/relational trends hitting our culture.

Strap in. Strap on. You’re in for a ride!

Years ago, Lauren ripped apart “The Excellent Wife” by Martha Peace in her masters thesis, while Sarah was being ripped apart by this book on the ground level in fundamentalism. In this episode, academia and lady laity meet to form a discussion from both angles.

In this episode, Lauren and Sarah sit down with Kate Hanch to discuss whether there is a confidence gap between the genders in writing. Kate is a PhD student at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, has been ordained in the Cooperative Baptist fellowship, and a lifelong Missourian. She is exploring the doctrine of the Holy Spirit, humility, and deification in women. You can find Kate on Twitter @KateHanch.

Team Ezer kicks off season two with a hot topic. Lauren interviews Sarah on the mini book she’s writing that is coming out this year on the topic of Lust and the gospel for women. We discussed the good gift that is female sexuality including attraction, desire, orgasm, and masturbation in contrast to the way lust stems out of our sexual brokenness. Sarah takes a look at woman being transformed in Song of Songs and brings gospel hope to women who struggle with lust.

Lauren and Sarah recently had an interesting twitter conversation with our friend, Danielle Larson, over some outlandish comments made by a well-known complementarian blogger. We decided to recreate and expound this conversation for our listeners.

In this episode, Lauren and Sarah sit down with their Nashville friends, Marci Preheim and Cristy Tice, to talk about how the gospel affects us on the ground level. We discuss the concept of death to life; the death of dependence on our own abilities and the gospel which gives us the freedom to live as image bearers apart from facades.

In this episode, Lauren and Sarah sat down with Nate Sparks to discuss God’s Law, God’s Gospel, giving a voice to victims, and the ministry of Tullian Tchividjian in light of his recent sermon and allegations surfacing.

In this episode, Lauren and Sarah interview their friend, blogger, and fellow podcaster, Blake Collier, on Horror films and gender. We had a great time discussing the history of misogyny and rape culture prevalent within this particular genre of film; how this is reflective of our society at large. In this episode, we hit on the themes surrounding two particular horror films, Don’t Breathe and It Follows. You can find more from Blake at or follow him on Twitter (@sacredletdown).

Woman and Paul (Pt 2)

1 Timothy 2

In Episode 8 of Season 1, Lauren and Sarah discuss Paul’s view of women in 1 Timothy 2 and answer the question of modesty; and whether or not Paul sets up a blanket prohibition against women preaching or holding leadership roles in the church. We also answer the question, “how are women preserved through childbirth?”

In case you missed it, listen to part 1.

Pilot: The Reveal

Introduction: Why Should Should Women Study Theology?

Season 1: Who is Woman?

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