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Unscripted & Uncaged – An Interview with Danielle Larson

Lauren and Sarah recently had an interesting twitter conversation with our friend, Danielle Larson, over some outlandish comments made by a well-known complementarian blogger. We decided to recreate and expound this conversation for our listeners. Read More
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Unscripted & Uncaged – Death to Life

In this episode, Lauren and Sarah sit down with their Nashville friends, Marci Preheim and Cristy Tice, to talk about how the gospel affects us on the ground level. We discuss the concept of death... Read More
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Episode 008 – Woman and Paul (Pt 2)

Woman and Paul (Pt 2) 1 Timothy 2 In Episode 8 of Season 1, Lauren and Sarah discuss Paul’s view of women in 1 Timothy 2 and answer the question of modesty; and whether or not... Read More
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Episode 007 – Woman and Paul (Pt 1)

Woman and Paul (Pt 1) Ephesians 5 In Episode 7 of Season 1, Lauren and Sarah discuss Paul’s view of women in Ephesians 5. We take a look at the difference between the terms submission and... Read More
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Episode 006 – Woman and Jesus

Woman and Jesus Luke 7 & 10 In Episode 6 of Season 1, Lauren and Sarah discuss woman in the New Testament, particularly women with Jesus. Sarah walks through the narrative of the sinful woman forgiven... Read More

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A Dialogue on Works

Sarah and I talk about a lot of things, most of that dialogue doesn’t make it into the public sphere (you’re welcome.), but some of it does. Typically, what you hear in our podcasts is…